March 7, 2009 Posted by tahir in Travel

Five Do's in Middle Eastern Business

DO take the time to learn the full name and appropriate titles of the person or people you are planning on doing business with. Names and titles are regarded as very important in the Arab world, and they ought to be given in full where possible.

DO ask after a business acquaintance’s children, but NEVER his wife. In the Arab world the common greeting is ‘How is your family?’ Children are regarded as safe ground. It’s an idea to take something for the children if invited to a home.

DO as much research on a business acquaintance and the firm you are interested in advance, and always ensure you do not spend time discussing matters with a superior which might be regarded as below his station. In the Arab world appropriate etiquette is for people of the same level to deal with a matter. So it would be incorrect for a man of a high position to discuss matters of a trivial nature, and vice versa.

DO bear in mind the matter of face and face-saving when negotiating. An Arab business counterpart may not say ‘no’, especially if you are his guest. Remember this and if worried, don’t force the issue. Every years millions of potential business agreements hit the wall, and Western executives fly home without a clear answer, because they don’t know how to read the signs.

DO  be totally transparent in a business negotiation. Nothing is held in the East with higher contempt as something that appears shady. Arab businessmen don’t appreciate legalese jargon or dodgy clauses in contracts any more than their Western counterparts.