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May 18, 2009 Posted by tahir in Books

Still to be Translated...

There are far more Arabic manuscripts in existence from medieval Islam than from the Roman and Greek world. Thousands of Arabic texts are still un-translated, lying in archives and libraries across the West and the East. Such as Al-Kindi’s treatise on frequency analysis, which was first located a few years ago in Ottoman archives in Istanbul. These documents are regarded as historical, and are valued for the antiquity, but are not studied for their own merit. What a great shame that is.




A huge number of Classical texts no longer exist in their original Greek or Latin, and were brought to the Renaissance through the Arabic. The Abbasids drew from Greek and Roman classics, as well as the classical Persian, Turkic and Indian sources. In this way, information on subjects such as Zero, came to the Arabs (from the Indian subcontinent). Such breakthroughs led to a snowballing effect, with problems of mathematics, physics and so on that were uncrackable before, being solved for the first time.

The House of Wisdom was at first essentially a translation house and giant library. Then gradually it turned into a think-tank, which built on the foundations of earlier cultures, and welcomed Christians and Jews as well as Muslims to study.