Back to Reality

There can be nothing quite so realistic as arriving back to Morocco from Switzerland. And I must tell you that, while I enjoyed my travels in the clockwork country, it’s Morocco’s own blend of harmony that I cherish beyond all else. This evening, as I rushed to a meeting, hoping to avoid the Friday chaos on the roads, I slipped down a one way street… the wrong way. Unfortunately for me, the police happened to be coming up the street, in the correct direction. I had a jab of panic… thought of Swiss authority… The policeman looked at me all nervous and sweating. He raised an eyebrow. I spun out a story about deadlines and an angry wife who became ever angrier on Fridays, especially when her husband has been locked up for misdemeanors. The officer burst out laughing, shook my hand boisterously, and redirected the traffic, to allow me to continue up the one way street, the wrong way.

Thank god for the real world. Thank god for Morocco.