My Top Ten Favourite Museums

My top ten list of museums around the world.

  1. Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford. Fav object: the shrunken heads.
  2. Sir John Soane Museum, London. Fav object: the sarcophagus of Seti I
  3. Hunterian Museum, London. Fav object, the giant’s skeleton.
  4. Mutter Museum, Philadelphia. Fav object: Hyrtl Skull Collection.
  5. Dog Collar Museum, Maidstone. Spiked hunting collars from 16th century .
  6. Parasite Museum, Tokyo. Fav object: all of them.
  7. Sedlec Ossurary, Czech Republic. Fav object: the chandelier fashioned from human bones.
  8. Barbed Wire Museum, Kansas. Fav object: the selection of razor wires.
  9. International Toilet Museum, Delhi. Fav object: the Japanese toilets.
  10. Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey. Fav object: the caverns full of hair.


What are your favourite museums? Have you been to any of these?