April 6, 2012 Posted by tahir in Travel

Top Ten Strangest Meals I've Eaten

If you’ve read my books, you’re familiar with some of the unique things I’ve eaten over the years. Here is a list of my top ten strangest meals.
1. Half a roasted monkey, in the Peruvian Amazon. Tasted strangely human. How do I know? Well, I’m only guessing.
2. Masato beer (manioc root chewed by the old village crones and fermented in their saliva), in the Madre de Dios Jungle, Peru. I have drunk many gallons in my time and never quite got used to it.
3. Live Murrell fish, in Hyderabad. Part of a traditional cure for asthma. Severely unpleasant… for me and for the fish.
4. Dried Mopani worms, in Namibia. Crunchy. Very very crunchy.
5. Chocolate-covered leaf cutter ants. Actually ate them in London and was impressed, by the chocolate at least.
6. Crunchy chicken embryo in the shell, in Beijing. Indescribably horrid.
7. Fried scorpion, in a Bangkok street stall. Trying to forget that one.
8. Yak steak, in Lhasa. Tasty. Best of the lot.
9. Fugu (puffer fish), in Yokohama. Bizarre and memorable.
10. Haggis, in Edinburgh. Perhaps not weird to anyone else but as far as I’m cornered it’s way up there with roasted monkey and all the rest.
This may have piqued your appetite. If that’s the case, head over to one of the strangest firms I know of that sells some amazing stuff, especially the insects…http://www.edible.com/
Have you tried any of these unusual meals? If you had to choose one to try, which would it be?