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May 24, 2013 Posted by tahir in Books

Last Chance on Scorpion Soup

Scorpion_Soup-01If you haven’t yet purchased your copy of the limited edition Scorpion Soup hardcover, now is the time to do so. I have uploaded it to Amazon, and the price will increase as of June 8th. This is your last chance to get it at its reduced price directly from my website.

I think I mentioned to you before the hardcover was released that I wanted to make it available to my readers at a discounted price before uploading it to Amazon. It’s been out for a few months now, and it’s time to shift the sales to Amazon.

Get your copy now.

Scorpion Soup is also available as an ebook:

También está disponible en español: Sopa de escorpión

March 21, 2013 Posted by tahir in Books

Get Your Limited Edition Copy of Scorpion Soup

Scorpion Soup by Tahir ShahAs announced on my Facebook page yesterday, Scorpion Soup has now reached the UK warehouse, which means that all orders to the UK and to continental Europe will be available for shipping starting this afternoon.

There were some questions about shipping costs to continental Europe, and we’ve found a less expensive way to take care of this, so all book orders to continental Europe will pay the same as the UK orders. They will be sent via Royal Mail.

Order one copy of Scorpion Soup to the UK or to continental Europe using this link. Generally speaking, books will be shipped within 24 hours after an order is placed, for Monday-Friday orders.

Pre-orders for the US can be placed using this link. All orders will be uploaded to our fulfilment system as soon as they’re received by us. The books should reach the US warehouse this week or next, and books will ship out automatically as soon as they’re checked into the warehouse.

As I mentioned before, we’ve tried to keep the purchase price on this book as low as possible, which is why I’m only making them available for sale through my website for a limited time. Once they go online to other retailers, we’ll have to raise the price to cover commissions and fees.

At this point, there are links to purchase one copy or five copies. If you would like a different amount, please email secretum.mundi at gmail dot com, and someone can check on the cost of shipping for you.

Many, many thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy this book.



Scorpion Soup: ebook available now!

scorpion_soup_EBOOKcover SMALLIf you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know that the ebook edition of Scorpion Soup was released earlier this week. It’s already received several reviews on Goodreads, as well as Amazon US and Amazon UK, and it’s been featured on at least one blog that I’ve seen so far.

Scorpion Soup has its own website, with a full list of the eighteen stories, a discussion of the  frame story, my take on storytelling, and some background information on the Blaeu maps, ten of which are included in the limited edition hardcover of Scorpion Soup.

The ebook is currently available for purchase on Amazon US and Amazon UK, and it will be available shortly on other major ebook retailers, such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, Gardners, Ingram, Kobo and Waterstones.

If you’re looking forward to the limited edition hardcover, with its 10 fold-out maps, it will be released on March 25th. It’s been prepared along the lines of Timbuctoo, with the same attention to detail. It’s available for pre-purchase now on the Scorpion Soup website.

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for reading!


Forthcoming projects...

I’m often asked about what I’m working on. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s in the works at the moment:

Scorpion Soup (In Production)

A story within a story, the book is inspired by The Arabian Nights in its use of a frame tale. One story leads to another, taking the reader down through numerous levels. The idea is derived partly from my fascination for The Arabian Nights, as well as my love for my grandfather’s book THE GOLDEN PILGRIMAGE — in which fellow travellers to and from Mecca relate their own tales.

Hannibal Fogg and the Supreme Secret of Man (In Production)

An epic work of fiction, I wrote Hannibal Fogg back in 2009, with the intention of creating a character that would satisfy my obsession for the obscure, the fantastic, and all the places I had been to but never really spoken of.

The House of Wisdom (In Production)

Having lectured on the legacy of Arab science, I have taken every opportunity to draw attention to the extraordinary contribution that Arab science from the Abbasid era — the ‘Golden Age’ of Islam — has played in the development of Occidental know how and science. Named after the Bayt al Hikma, The House of Wisdom is a fast-paced thriller that considers the roles of Arab science from the great polymaths of the Abbasid age.


All things Jinn

Read A Thousand and One Nights, and you learn right away that Morocco is a land of mystery and magic. Live here for any more than a few days, and you can’t help but be touched by the sense of the Supernatural. All devout Muslims believe in spirits called Jinn, or Jnoun. This is because they are described in the Qur’an. When God created Man from clay, He created a second life form from ‘smokeless fire’.
     The Occidental world gets confused when it comes to Jinn. They portray them as friendly, even loveable, spirits ready and willing to fulfil their masters’ orders. Or, they regard them as spirits of the deceased. In reality, however, Jinn are not ghosts, nor are they adoring servants crafted in the Disney mould.
     Like all Muslims, Moroccans believe that Jinn inhabit the world in a parallel realm laid atop our own. Sit in a cafe, and there could well be a Jinn right there opposite you. Walk down by the beach, and a Jinn may well be taking a dip in the water a few feet away. Just because you can’t usually see them, you might imagine they are not there at all. Much of the time, Jinn are quite happy enough living quiet, unassuming lives. But, get on the wrong side of one, and he is likely to tear you apart.
     Westerners visiting Morocco sometimes find it odd that the Moroccans they quiz remain tight-lipped when they broach the subject of Jinn. Regarded by all as extremely forbidding and serious, the Supernatural world is never taken lightly. After all, merely mentioning a Jinn can lead it to be summoned. For this reason, learning about Jinn is not only difficult but also potentially dangerous.
     As with most things in Morocco, the best way to learn is from the inside out. My own experiences with the Supernatural realm, and with Jinn, came about while renovating Dar Khalifa, our home in Casablanca. The house had been empty for years and as such it was widely regarded to be haunted, or rather occupied, by legions of malicious Jinn.
     The trials and tribulations of exorcism are described in my book The Caliph’s House. I have perhaps made lighter of the belief that I ought. For Jinn are a subject that’s woven into the fabric of Moroccan, and all Islamic, society. Making a careful study of their role within Islam is a way of glimpsing facets of Oriental culture that many in the West never quite realises exists.
     I recommend that anyone with an interest in learning more read Robert Lebling’s fascinating master-work on the subject, Legends of the Fire Spirits, for which I wrote a very modest introduction.