June 16, 2010 Posted by tahir in Travel

Full Spectrum People

I know a lot of people.

Of course some of them are close friends, others are just friends, and others still, merely acquaintances. But I know them all the same. Most of the time I keep my friends and acquaintances in niches. They’re divided and subdivided. And often when we invite people over to Dar Khalifa I spend a moment calculating that everyone will get on. Rachana says that I have no ‘spam filter’ on my friends, that I attract weirdos. It’s true, well at least in part. I like people who will provide a different slant on life, a curve ball kind of a person, one who’ll get you to THINK 360 about something. But at the same time there’s something I value very highly, probably higher than anything else. It is the ability to be at ease and comfortable with anyone. I call this Full Spectrum, and I know remarkably few Full Spectrum People. How many friends can you take into the shantytown for lunch, and then straight after to an embassy dinner? And don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that an embassy dinner’s somehow better than a bidonville lunch, because it certainly is not, and it explains why we’re found in the shantytown far more often than at a swish evening out. But this capacity to mix with anyone and everyone is something I hold very dear, and something I wish more people had…