10 favourite places we visited on our US trip

If you’ve been following my random updates on Facebook, you have an idea of some of the places we visited during our month-long road trip across the US. Here is a list of our top 10 favourite places that we visited.

1. Berkeley, because it beats to a rhythm of its own.

2. Malibu, where our great friends live. An affluent slice of Paradise.

3. Death Valley, because it meant we’d escaped Las Vegas.

4. Panguitch, Utah (photo to the left), which is a real Wild West frontier town.

5. Meadowlark Motel, Nebraska, because it took us in when we needed it most.

6. Omaha, Nebraska, because I never quite believed it existed at all.

7. Providence, Rhode Island, which reminded me of visiting Rach there half a lifetime ago.

8.Marblehead, Mass., a fragment of the Great Gatsby.

9. Hudson, New York, which is beyond amazing, and must be seen by all.

10. Central Park, where you can be whoever you want to be.