July 15, 2010 Posted by tahir in Travel

Fragment of Andalucia

Back from a quick trip to Malaga, in Spain’s Andalucia. And if anyone is interested at all, drop everything and check it out. The last time I was there was a million years ago and the city was sleazy and sordid beyond belief. I know because I spent time there when I was twenty… weeks alone waiting for a passport. (I had taken the overnight train from Madrid to Algeciras and while I fell into a deep childlike sleep, a thief stole all my clothes, my passport, all other ID, my camera, money… and my shoes. I guess he had the same size feet. So I was washed up in Malaga, trying to regain my life). It’s taken me just over twenty years to venture back there, and what a joy! Malaga is clean… actually it’s beyond clean… it’s immaculate, and culturally stimulating too, and just so wonderful. So, Go! Go! Go! And the most wonderful thing for me was to search for fragments of Andalucian Spain, which are all around.