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Search for King Solomon’s Mines

Based on the trail followed in my book IN SEARCH OF KING SOLOMON’S MINES, I returned to Ethiopia with a film crew commissioned by National Geographic TV and Britain’s Channel 4, to bring the search for the fabled mines to the small screen.

For a travel writer, having a film crew on tow for the first time was a new experience. My work usually involves a very low key method of gaining information, making contacts and so on. The greatest thing about writing a book is that you can come up with ideas alone, decide where you want to go, what leads you want to follow. By its nature, film making is a group effort. I have come to respect this aspect, but often find myself wishing I had more control that I do.

The film (which was made by Double Exposure Limited, London), has its supporters and its critics. One point that is important to this and the other documentaries I have made, is that I fall over backwards to show it like it is — or was. The journeys which form the books and films I end up producing are all too often hard as hell. Tempers fray. Abuses fly. Covering all that up is, I believe, a grand mistake… so for my part I asked that it was all left in. The result is a piece of film making on the edge.

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