The Singing Serpents

Once upon a time there lived in Arabia a wise cat.

This wise cat always had enough to eat and drink, and was pampered by his human masters. But he dreamed of something else. He dreamed of something magical to inspire him, something to warm his heart.

The other cats thought he was senseless. They told him to remain quiet, to live his life as they all did, being looked after by Man.

‘We have existed like this for thousands of years,’ they told him, ‘and we are very good at it. We have the lifestyle perfected, a lifestyle in which humans give us plenty of food and attention, and we need to provide almost nothing in return.’

But the wise cat didn’t listen to them. He knew that the only thing that mattered in life was to make his own path. A path that the foolish cats didn’t realise existed at all.

And so, the wise cat packed a knapsack, and set off in search of his destiny.

Within minutes of his departure, all the other cats had forgotten about him. They went back to their chunks of juicy meat, to their big bowls of milk, and to the attentions of Mankind.