The Book of Pure Thoughts

Long before the earth was hard, or before the seas were wet, there was an immense temple in which the gods of the universe lived.

Reclining on great golden sofas, they would dispense wisdom to one another, through the days and the long nights. And they would act with purity – a purity of spirit never to be known in the mortal world, a world that was to come.

In the centre of the temple was a sacred altar, on which was kept a single volume.

Bound in flaming red cloth, this book had been written before the Conquest of Nepsis, at a time when good was bad and bad was good.

Along the spine of the volume were inscribed the words: ‘The Book of Pure Thoughts’.

It was by this teaching that the gods lived, and by which they were in turn to counsel the rogue legions of Mankind.