Back in the days when the world was inside out and upside down, and when humans were the slaves to frogs, there lived twin brothers in the land of Cathay.

Tall and handsome, the first was called ‘Glorious’, and the second– who was terribly short and odious to the eye – was named ‘Grotesque’.

To say there was sibling rivalry between the two would be a grave understatement.

From dawn until dusk, Glorious and Grotesque bickered and fought, because Glorious did exactly as he was told, and Grotesque always broke the rules.

Their squabbling began in the crib, continued through childhood, and then into adolescence, when Grotesque’s wrongdoing got them both into trouble.

And trouble came in the most severe form when the brothers attracted the attention of the frogs.

There was nothing that frogs disliked more than humans who made a nuisance of themselves.

As rulers of the earth, the amphibians believed that Man had but one role to play – serving them.

The frogs lived in vast twisting labyrinths beneath the ground.

They liked it there because it was damp and cool, and because it gave much misery to their human servants, whom they regarded as unclean and downright rude.

The frogs had been in charge for so long that neither they nor the people ever considered that things could be the other way round.

Generation after generation, the humans served the frogs, and the frogs amused themselves by tormenting Mankind.

They liked very much to point to the pale skin of the people, to screw up their faces and to hiss.

And, they liked to empty Frogland’s prison – where only humans were kept – and to take the inmates to the underground pool known as the Abyss, where they were thrown in and forced to swim with bound wrists, until they drowned.