Cat, Mouse

There was once an island on which the cats reigned supreme. They lived like royalty, gorging themselves on the abundant mouse populace, forcing the mice to work for them as slaves.

In the factories and in the mines, the mice laboured from before dawn to well after dusk. All the while, their cat masters became increasingly cruel, and lazier and lazier, as the mice served them.
From time to time, a lone mouse would escape his shackles, jump up, and taunt the cats.

But such break-outs always ended the same.

The offending mouse would be caught, tortured, and slowly devoured while still alive.

Rather than become disheartened at their fate, the mice became increasingly tolerant. As the months and years dragged on, the mice slaves found that they could endure worse and worse conditions.

And, as they did so, their feline masters became progressively neglectful.

Eventually, the day came when all the cats fell asleep on the long, hot summer afternoon. Seizing the moment, the mice in the slave camp managed to unfasten their chains, and broke free.

Having tied up the cat guards, they stormed the pleasure domes in which their feline masters reclined.

Strengthened by years of servitude, the mice quickly gained the upper hand.