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House of the Tiger King

HOUSE OF THE TIGER KING is the story of a quest into the Madre de Dios cloud forest in Peru, in search of the greatest lost city of the Americas – Paititi.

We spent seventeen weeks in deep jungle, attempting to glean information from the local tribes, and in particular from one tribal member, Pancho, who claimed to have seen a fabulous lost city in his youth, while searching for new hunting grounds.

The problem was that in Pancho’s world the margin between fact and fantasy was blurred. It was never easy to know when one came to an end and the other began.
The project was the hardest of my life, and made me question everything I had ever taken for granted or known. On some days I was filled with rage, and with loathing – most normally for the film crew – and on others I was consumed with depression and with angst.

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