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Top Tips for Interrailing Around Europe

TOP TIPS FOR INTERRAILING AROUND EUROPEGet seat reservations. They don’t cost more than 3 or 4 Euros, and they save you the misery of having to stand in the corridor when a train is full.

Buy food in a supermarket before going to the train station. Some stations have supermarkets. Never buy food on trains unless you have to.

Check www.seat61.com which is the greatest train web site of all.

Download the Interrail App, which is great because you can check train times off-line.

Don’t plan more than a day in advance because you’ll have a far better zigzag experience.

Travel extra light. When you’ve packed your bag, take out half the stuff and leave it at home.Tahir Shah's top tips for interrailing around europe

If arriving somewhere at night, try to book a cheap hotel online before reaching the destination – as you’ll probably get a better deal.

Good places to pick up free WiFi signals are: Starbucks, McDonalds and Burger King. We never actually go inside them – but stand outside, fishing for a signal. Best of all, most places don’t turn off the routers when they’re closed.

Track down laundromats and drop off clothes as soon as you get to a city. The less clothes you take with you, the less stuff you’ll have to wash. It’s a great idea to have one good outfit for when you want to live it up.

Keep a bag of basic food so you always have breakfast cereal and snacks – a great way of avoiding ultra expensive hotel breakfasts.



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