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March 31, 2014 Posted by tahir in Travel

Top 10 Most Dangerous Travel Experiences

Tahir Shah swallows a live murrell fish in Hyderabad, India


  1. Spending 16 days in a Pakistani torture jail.
  2. Every moment of my search through Afghanistan for treasure.
  3. Getting lost in a storm while flying myself over northern Florida.
  4. Being swept away in a storm in the Madre de Dios River, Peru.
  5. A journey without maps through Baluchistan.
  6. Staying at the illegal gold mines of Shakiso, Ethiopia.
  7. Being arrested on the border of Sierra Leone and Liberia.
  8. Almost being hit by lightning in the Namibian wilderness.
  9. Swallowing a live fish in Hyderabad.
  10. Being lost at night somewhere in the Ethiopian Highlands.
March 26, 2014 Posted by tahir in Travel

Top 10 Worst Things to do Before a Journey

Tahir Shah


  1. Think too much.
  2. Spend too much on needless expensive equipment.
  3. Plan more than two days in advance.
  4. Boast to your friends and family where you’re going.
  5. Pack too much. Two changes of clothes are more than enough.
  6. Ask pseudo friends from work to come with you. Go alone!
  7. Read up on more than the basics about where you’re going.
  8. Doubt that you’ll have anything but an amazing time.
  9. Get anyone to plan your journey for you.
  10. Expect that you’ll make money from the trip.

Top 10 Favourite Travel Moments

Ramon of the Shuar, PeruThis is the first in a series of top ten lists. I hope you enjoy them!

  1. Reaching the top of the live Nyiragongo volcano in Congo.
  2. Crossing No Man’s Land between Sierra Leone and Liberia.
  3. Camping on the actual equator in Kenya.
  4. Taking Ayahuasca with the Shuar tribe in the Peruvian Amazon.
  5. Wandering the streets of Fès in the light of a full moon.
  6. Slipping under the locked iron door of a sealed pyramid in Egypt.
  7. Trekking through the Bamiyan Valley in Afghanistan.
  8. Crossing the Pampas in Argentina by train.
  9. Waking up on a hillside with yaks in Tibet.
  10. Being pulled up the cliff face of Debra Damo in Ethiopia.