10 of the best things about our US trip

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you’ve seen a few random updates of our month-long road trip from West to East across the US. Here are the top 10 best things about our trip:

1. The extraordinary swathes of empty space (especially between Arizona and Utah), which so reminded me of eastern Africa.

2. The politeness between total strangers.

3. The fact that there’s an abundance of free ice in all hotels and motels.

4. The chance it gave me to chit-chat to each and the kids.

5. Seeing the landscape change, mile by mile, from one ocean to the next.

6. The fact that you can get a simple egg cooked in a thousand ways and as the customer, you’re always right.

7. The cost of gasoline. Ohhhh, how that’s a wonder in itself.

8. The way there’s a sign ready to warn you of anything from a bend in the road to the chance of falling rocks.

9. Reaching the Atlantic and seeing it gleaming in the moonlight.

10. The sight of corn, corn and much more corn, in Nebraska and Iowa.