March 8, 2009 Posted by Tahir in Travel

Five Don'ts in Middle Eastern Business

DON’T try to get something until you have given something first. This goes for physical items as much as it does for favours, ideas and so on.

DON’T be pushy when it comes to a business deal. Arabs don’t respond well to pushy executives and such tactics force a complete shut down of the system.

DON’T mix humour and business. By this I mean don’t suddenly tell a joke in the middle of negotiations. In the Middle East there’s a clear demarkation about being serious or jovial, and the two don’t usually get mixed up as they do in the West, particularly as they do in North America, where business is sometimes less gravely serious as it is in Europe.

DON’T order alcohol or (god forbid) pork, when at a meal with an Arab executive, unless you know them very well, and are certain they are not offended.

DON’T fail to reciprocate a gift with another gift. If even the most token gift is presented to you, send something back — and ALWAYS of the same approximate cost. Gift giving is part of an ancient etiquette in the East, and is something that’s regarded as important to help form a basis of trust.

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