Setting up the Camp

As I said yesterday, it’s good to give each man a chore. The most important is cook, and the cook should be compensated in other ways. He can be given one or two assistants who help preparing food, boiling water, washing up and all that. Usually one man will volunteer to cook, and the rest of the group will either support or refuse him. I’ve always been lucky to have good guys cooking, and nothing is so important as hot plentiful food. Give others the duty of setting up the tent etc. On most jungle journeys I have arranged all the men and myself sleep under a single canopy. We don’t take tents as they tend to isolate the men. I have found it’s better to set up a kind of football goal structure, and drape a long tarpaulin over it, tethered at an angle either end. The fire is also important, and the natural place where people accumulate. Most of all, it’s key to have the supplies arranged neatly in the camp, and accounted for before you move on.

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