I could go on for days about the highs and lows of leadership, and the qualities necessary for the job. Something I have noticed as being especially important is to have some form of continuity and a strong chain of command. After numerous jungle journeys I have come to understand why the military is how it is. Every man answers to the one above him, and the officers give orders even without consulting others. The advantage of one man making the decisions is leadership continuity. By this I mean that even if the leader makes a less than perfect decision, against a backdrop of his other decisions, the general direction remains correct. From my point of view, the most important thing is to lead from the front. I would never, ever ask someone to do something which I wouldn’t be willing to do myself. I’m always there, at the front, trying to set an example, pitching-in… and I’ll never eat until my team has eaten all they can. They go first, always.

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