Stay Primed

In this blog I may not be giving you pearls, but this is something worth listening to. It, or rather the lack of it, is the reason why most creative people suffer. It’s why artists don’t paint, musicians don’t compose and why writer’s don’t write. It’s all about being ready, being primed. My father wrote a lot of books, and he did that by writing them back to back. If you check the copyright dates you find at least two per year through the sixties and seventies. He was an engine then, knocking them out. And just like an engine that’s running full tilt, it’s hard to stop… because you gather a momentum of your own. But I remember a conversation with my father a long while ago when he told me that there had been periods of not writing in which he wondered if he would ever get back into it again. The engine had gone cold. But I’ll let you into a little secret. In my experience, although you get very worked up about getting the crankshaft moving again, it’s actually not that hard. The secret is to sit down for five minutes before you have to run out and collect the kids from school (or whatever), and write a single line. End it with … And you’re back. Or take note of Anthony Trollope, the prolific Victorian novelist, you always began a new novel on a day on which he finished one.


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