A fantastic way of staying primed and getting published is writing journalism. Over the next few days I’m going to write some postings on what I have come to see as the most powerful way to learn your craft. I often meet people who tell me that they are taking creative writing courses. I usually smile politely but inside I’m cringing. There’s only one positive thing about such courses, and that’s that they give employment to writers who would otherwise be starving… and in that way they’re a great little wheeze. By far the best way to learn the art of writing is to sell your work, and the finest way of starting, and learning, is to be forced to write to the spec of a particular newspaper or magazine. I’ll give some tips in the next few days. But a great thing to know is that by writing for editors (and even by getting work thrown back at you), you are giving yourself a mini crash course… and you’re getting published and paid at the same time.

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