Getting Started

So, you take the ‘Tahir Shah crash course to writing’, which is essentially getting published as a journalist with a target of hitting a mainstream newspaper or magazine… and here you are, wondering how to start. The first mistake that everyone makes is that they think ‘OK I’ll give those bloody editors something fabulous and they’re thickos if they don’t take it’. You get my drift. It’s a mistake because editors know what they want. They know it so well that they will only take material (unless it’s a scoop description of Michael Jackson naked covered in honey and feathers standing alone on the Bay Bridge), if it’s in their format. Over the next few days I’ll talk more about formats and how to get an article planned. But the important thing here — and really the key point — is to buy yourself a copy of the newspaper or magazine you want to write for, and analyse five articles. Really look at them, and make notes on where there’s description, raw information, characters, themes and all that. Because writing’s all about packaging. And if I want to sell an editor something, I need to package it in a way that they will find appealing… in a way in which they’ll be ready to receive it.

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