Finish It

The hardest thing to do if you have never written a book, is to finish it. And the easiest thing to do if you have never written a book, is to talk about it. The more you talk, the more you are venting energy which would be better served being spewed through your typing fingers. I have written about this before: people keep trying to show me bits of book they are creating. I don’t want to see them. I wish i had a soap crate because I’d get on it and stand in the middle of the street, and yell — ‘I don’t want to see anything that’s not finished!!!’ I get really worked up about that. You have no idea. I think it’s because I always read stuff through endlessly, and even get it professionally edited at my expense, before i show it to anyone at all. And the very last thing I’d ever do would be to show a fragment. It’s like an artist showing the bottom right hand corner of a painting he’s planning on painting. The reason (as I have ranted before) is that would-be writers want praise. And nothing else.

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