It’s all about detail. Look around you and if you’re lucky you’ll see it. Yet most of the time we’re blind to it. Look at the coffee cup that’s sitting on your desk. You hardly realize it’s there because it’s always there. There’s a few drops of dried coffee on the rim, a hairline crack near the base, a scratch on the inside where a teaspoon was stirred a little too hard. Lift it up and there’s a patch of condensation on the desk, because you forgot to use a coaster, miniature droplets of moist. And on the bottom of the cup there’s the monogram of the company, and a chip almost too insignificant to see. I’m obsessed by detail, and often find myself ruled by it. I have a problem sometimes at seeing the bigger picture, but I value a level of detail that many people miss altogether. A great trick when you are writing is to take a bus ride, and keep a notebook in your lap. Look at the people who come on and off. Study their faces and see how the details of their appearance, their manners, all sync up with the full impression. The first five people who step onto a bus, any bus, are the characters for your novel. 


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