This really follows on from yesterday’s blog, about being primed at all times. It’s something which I myself have only come to appreciate recently… writing blogs. As I have ranted in previous postings, to me it really doesn’t matter is anyone reads the stuff I write, although it’s nice if they do. And writing blogs is a fantastic way of staying primed, and working on your writing skill. Some people I know write long long blogs and get their family and friends to read them by sending annoying little reminders, and mentioning them whenever you meet. I think there ought to be blog etiquette. That means you should allow people to find your blog without much goading, and let them read if they feel like it. The other thing that’s key is, I think, writing a few lines every day, rather than pages and pages once a week. That way you stay primed and the writing develops (or perhaps doesn’t) a kind of continuity. Another wonderful point in the favour of blogs is how damn impressive they look. I encourage any kid over the age of about ten to write a short blog whenever they have the time, about their life, the universe and everything. What a fabulous way to get into writing for the love of writing.


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