Remember: followers need someone to follow. If there is a school of striped fish in a tank, and suddenly a healthy-looking red fish arrives in the community, the other fish will be attracted to it, and will follow it. It’s a fact. The important thing is getting your foot through the door. There are lots of ways to do this. One is to make yourself an authority on a subject that needs vocal authorities. Another is to publish a book on www.lulu.com or www.blurb.com, and register the book with an ISBN number, so that you can have it sold on Amazon.com and other sites. Suddenly it means you have a track record, and you’re away. Yet another idea is to get on other internet sites as a track record, such as Wikipedia. Remember, these days editors and agents Google, or rather their poorly paid assistants Google. If you are look-up-able, you’re heading in the right direction. Most of the time editors don’t know what they want. They seem remarkably surprised when a book you’ve been championing forever actually sells. But the public are much more clever than most publishers. They do know what they want, and they want stuff that comes in cycles. Learn to understand cyclic culture, trends, and the like, and you’re likely to have an easier time in appealing to the masses. 


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